Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mansfield University’s Online MSN Program Offers Flexibility and Balance

By Susan Lanzara, MSN RN, C
Nursing Instructor
Mansfield University

The Master of Science program at Mansfield University is designed for professional nurses who seek an advanced nursing degree while maintaining current employment. Students may choose either the educator or leadership/administrator track. The program builds on knowledge acquired in a Bachelor’s program. It provides additional knowledge to prepare graduates for roles in nursing education, staff development or leadership roles in health care organizations.

In the nurse educator track the learner will integrate perspectives from nursing science, education and evaluation to design, implement and evaluate nursing curricula. Other areas of study specific to this track are design, implementation and evaluation of teaching strategies for classroom and clinical areas. In the nurse leader/administrator track courses are geared to provide the learner with knowledge of strategic planning in health care organizations and nursing services. Also emphasized is the management of fiscal and technological resources to improve patient care. The impact of public policy on the health of clients and healthcare organizations is analyzed.

So, why Mansfield? The Master of Science program is offered online. The program is designed to give you the flexibility you need to balance work, family and coursework. Ideally, learners take two courses for six semesters to complete the program in two calendar years. However, you may take courses at a pace that meets your individual needs. Our online nursing faculty team is made up of caring and supportive members who combine strong academic qualifications with extensive real world practical experience. Our team has a broad range of research interests which include nursing education, evaluation research, clinical expertise and rural health. Here is what some of our graduates have to say about our program: “I like the online format, it gives me the flexibility I need to juggle career, family and school”, “The Professors are available. They don’t just disappear halfway through the semester.”, “The two different tracks allows you to pick the focus, either leadership or education that you are interested in.” These are just some of the reasons our learners give for choosing our program. Join our online community of learners in the Mansfield University MSN program and further your nursing career.

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